About the See Sea Motel

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Our Rooms and Suites

The See Sea has been around for a while, but it needed some love. We took everything down to the studs, gave it a good scrub, and started fresh. Absolutely everything is new, from the flooring to the walls, furnishings, fixtures. We didn’t skip anything. Then instead of just buying 23 identical ugly paintings to hang on the walls, we furnished each room individually and even found some cool retro looking microwaves and Keurig coffee makers. The result was a cool little village of rooms and suites centered around the pool, like huts around the lagoon on a tropical island.

Of course we put everything modern that you expect these days, including mini-fridges in every room, and some you may not expect, like convection toaster ovens big enough to cook a pizza. The suites of course have actual kitchens with a range oven and full sized fridge. Either way, you get all the convenience of a beach cottage in a perfect, compact location.

All New Fresh and Clean Furnishings

Kitchen in one of our Suites

All rooms are individually decorated

Our location

Speaking of location, ours is amazing. We are about as close to oceanfront as you can get: one lot from the beach access at Atlantic Street, perfect for checking out the surf with your morning coffee. If surf’s up, spend a few hours on the beach and then retreat back to your room for a siesta in the a/c.

But we’re not just close to the beach. The See Sea’s location in downtown Kill Devil Hills is literally the nirvana of walkable local restaurants. There’s a little bit of everything, but it’s all local and it’s all amazing. First off, you have to check out Food Dudes. It’s five houses up the beach road, in one of those hole in the wall places in an unassuming strip mall. But inside, it’s serious foodie heaven, a tasty fusion of Caribbean, Mexican, Southern and fresh Outer Banks seafood. We recommend the mahi mahi fish tacos!

Did you think I was done? Because I’m not: keep walking to the end of the block and you’ll find the Bonzer Shack, which is run by the guy who used to own Quagmire’s. It’s got fun, surf-inspired food, awesome daily specials, many beers and a super cool back yard filed with tables, umbrellas, beautiful people, corn hole boards and sometimes bands.Okay now that we’ve had lunch, dinner and drinks, head back to the

See Sea and I’ll tell you where to go for breakfast. From Atlantic Street, the one with the beach access, walk to the bypass. What’s the bypass? It’s the big road you came in on, aka Croatan Hwy or US 158. At the corner sits Stack ‘Em High, everyone’s favorite local breakfast place. It’s been there since 1981 and is now run by the second generation of the Kiousis family. It’s simple, it’s breakfast, and it’s delicious, so go check it out.

By now you may feel shacked out and want to have something fancy. Never fear, the place for you is only a block away: Miller’s Steak and Seafood on the Beach Road. The atmosphere and service are impeccable, but just like any restaurant on the Outer Banks, you are welcome in your board shorts and flip flops. We don’t take too much seriously here on the Outer Banks, just awesome food. And surfing.

Now don’t just take my word for it. Explore a little more around the area of the See Sea and enjoy what downtown KDH has to offer. Believe it or not, I’ve skipped a few notables local places like Country Deli, Kill Devil Grill and Mama Kwan’s. There are also a few small chain restaurants, including Five Guys, Plaza Azteca and Ladles that are worth a visit. And if you feel the need for good old ’Merican fast food, the area we call French Fry Alley is on the bypass at milepost 9 1/2.

Our Sister Motel

Considering a staying Nags Head? Want to be close to Jennette’s Pier or the Soundside Event Site? You should check out our sister motel, the Tar Heel Motel. Just like the See Sea, they are between the highways and very close to a public beach access. There is a pool, a large lawn with corn hole and grills, pretty much everything we have at the See Sea, just down the road a few miles. The rooms all have microwaves, minifridges, Keurigs and convection toaster ovens, and the decor is fun, modern and beachy.

So next time, give the Tar Heel Motel a try. You can browse and book online today!