Accessibility features of See Sea Motel:

  • Closed-captioning Televisions
  • 17 ground-room floors (see individual rooms for entry accessibility at least one curb-step required for entry)
  • Entrance to motel is directly off from street with guest rooms off from parking
  • Guest rooms with 32″ wide doorways
  • No TTY in motel & guest rooms
  • No accessible front-desk, registration, hotel office
    • Hotel office on ground-floor with a curb-step for entry
    • Hotel office is available by phone
    • Electronic keyless check-in standard
  • Self-parking, accessible space available
  • Accessible routes
    •  Parking area
  • Not Accessible routes
    • All ground-floor room entry are not an accessible route. Ground-room floors have at least 1 or more steps required for entry
    • Hotel office is not an accessible route. Hotel office is ground-floor. Entry requires a curb step and another step into doorway.
    • Common grounds do not have fully accessible routes
Feedback or Questions on Accessibility?

Please contact us with any feedback or questions on accessibility.

Telephone: 888-215-6768